Visual Arts Standards 2018 (Working Draft)

Second Grade Line
Tapa Cloth inspired Line stamping.

Visual Arts Standards 2018 (Draft)

*Strand, Anchor Standard, followed by numerical Benchmark.



1. Use foundational knowledge and skills while responding to, creating, and presenting artistic work.

5.A.1.1 The benchmarks are integrated across the other strands-italics.


*Artistic Process -Create.

2. Generate and develop original artistic ideas. Explore ideas through the work of other artists. Explore

Contour Line and Abstract Shape
Fourth Grade compare Abstract and Realistic Shapes. Contour Line is applied to define shape and create movement.
artistic ideas through intentional play.


3. Create original artistic work. Create art that communicates an idea using artistic foundations. Identify safe procedures for using materials and tools while making art.


4. Revise and complete original artistic work. Identify choices made in one’s original artwork.


* Artistic Process: Present

5. Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation. Share artwork based on personal



6. Make artistic choices in order to convey meaning through presentation. Identify artwork based on a theme or concept using artistic foundations. Identify where art is found in a community.


* Artistic Process: Respond

7. Analyze and construct interpretations of artistic work. Recognize that objects, artworks, and artifacts have form and function.


8. Evaluate artistic work by applying criteria. Describe and distinguish between

images and real objects. Select and explain reasons for personal preference.


* Connect

9. Integrate knowledge and personal experiences while responding to, creating, and presenting artistic work. Create art that tells a story about a life experience.


10. Understand that artistic works influence and are influenced by personal, societal, cultural, and historical contexts, including the contributions of Minnesota American Indian tribes and communities. Recognize that all humans make art.


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