Talent Development


Level 1
All  students.   Emphasis  on interests and  learning  preferences, 
exposure  to  possible  new  interest  areas  into,  through  and 
beyond the core curriculum.
Level 2
Many  but  not  all  students.   Emphasis  on deepening areas  of 
interest through school based enrichment opportunities. 
Level 3 
Some students. Emphasis is on qualitative differentiation of the 
core curriculum with depth, complexity, novelty and pacing.
Level 4
A few students. Emphasis is on a subject or full grade acceleration 
and/or individual learning plans.



• All students have talent strengths, schools help them identify 
and develop them.
• The development of ability or talent is a life-long process
• School is a place to develop the talent of all students
• Students demonstrate outstanding achievement or show 
potential for high levels of accomplishment
• Advance learners represent the diverse population of our 


• Providing opportunities for all children to develop and
• Build a profile of student strengths
• Provide appropriate instruction to meet students’
academic and social needs
• Build the capacity of teachers, leaders and families to
recognize, nurture and accelerate talent development


All students recognize and develop their talents as a 
result of enrichment and appropriately challenging 
learning opportunities.