School Safety Patrol Program

Be Aware of School Safety

The Minneapolis Police Department asks the public to be aware of school safety. There are Fifty-two schools in Minneapolis are enrolled in Walking and/or Bus Patrol with the Minneapolis School Safety Patrol Program.

Walking Patrol

Students taking part in Walking Patrol handle safeguarding their peers as they cross intersections in and out of school daily. Walking Patrol helps children develop a constant awareness of speed and traffic hazards. Students also learn to follow correct procedures when crossing streets. Walking Patrol members are easily identified by their uniform, vest and safety flag.

Bus Patrol 

Bus Patrol is for students to help their bus driver while traveling to and from school. They are extra eyes and ears for the driver to help make sure their peers behave and pay attention to the rules. The students are also taught how to evacuate the bus in an emergency, use the radio, turn the motor off and call for help.

Qualifications Needed

To qualify for either branch of the School Safety Patrol Program, students must have leadership traits, passing grades and no history of bad behavior. The program teaches them how to lead, focus, give commands, take reports, use flags and have good mannerisms. Patrol members are very dedicated and keep quality school patrol standards.

General Information

MPD believes this program helps develop outstanding citizenship and is greatly praised by community members. This program has and will continue to change and even save lives.

The American Legion and Minnesota Highway Patrol set the standards for training and guidelines. AAA supports the program with equipment and grants. At the end of the year, students are given a certificate of appreciation from AAA, and can take a field trip to Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America.

Expansion of the program is welcome for children and adults at other K-12 schools.


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