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Jennifer Johnson

Daniel Polland

Physical Education Specialists


PE SCHEDULE 2020 - Units and supplies needed through December 2020

*Supplies can be found in the gym bag provided to each student in September


It is important to keep your mind and body active and healthy while at home the next few weeks. Here are some ideas to keep you on the right track.

Be Creative:

          *Design a fitness game you can play with your family.

          *Build your own obstacle course.

          *Make your own bowling game out of recycling.

          *Set up an agility course like Ninja warrior.

Do Research:

          *Look up some healthy facts and keep our weekly facts going.

          *Find heart rates of your favorite animals to compare with human hearts.

          *Read about your favorite athlete, sport or activity.

          *Find online games or activities that include health/activity/nutrition.

          *Look up a new recipe and make a great meal with your family.

Be Active:

          *Play music and dance.

          *Do your favorite exercises and teach them to your family.

          *Get outside and play.

          *Help around your home.

          *Set fitness goals and tell us about your progress when you come back.

          *Go to and enjoy some fun activities.