September 20 - 24

Our first full week finished!  The Kindergartners were very tired on Friday!  They worked so hard all week!!  Room 101 is amazing and I am enjoying teaching all of them.  On Monday, we started the week listening to Chrysanthemum and talked about saying the right things to our friends.  We had a big red heart and used quotes from the story and wrinkled every time someone said something mean to Chrysanthemum.  Then the class told me things you should tell your friends to make them happy, to unwrinkle the heart.  The poem on the heart says, "Before you speak, think and be smart. It's hard to fix a wrinkled heart."  We also started our "shoebox books", which are our alphabet books that we read each day for the letter of the day.  The books can be kept at home in a shoebox to read whenever your child wants to read one.  Make sure they are "tracking" (pointing to each word) when they read the book.  On Tuesday, I read to them Chica, Chica, Boom, Boom, which a lot of students have already heard, so it was fun to have them read with me!  They made their own Chica, Chica, Boom, Boom tree with their name.  They are now hanging in the hall outside our class.  They will be sent home, when I have something else to hang in the hallway.  On Wednesday, we talked about the Power of Yet.  They listened to The Power of Yet about a pig who couldn't ride his two wheeler bike, YET, but kept trying and working at it, until he accomplished his goal.  Then each student drew something that they weren't good at YET.  I kept the drawings in their writing folders.  On Thursday, they listened to Chamalean's Crazy Colors.  We talked about color words and finding color words in the room.  They each made a cool color book.  Then on Friday, we had our first Fire Drill, which went GREAT!  Then they listened to Go Away, Big Green Monster and made their own big green monsters.  We did not finish them, so we will finish them on Monday.  Friday afternoon, they met their reading buddy!!!  It was so much fun to see the Kindergartners interacting with the 4th and 5th graders!  We will be doing reading buddies every Friday with Ms. Johnson's class.  In math,  all week, we have been working on number writing.  This week we will be doing more number writing and number recognition.

This week we will be:

Monday:  Community, letter Cc

Tuesday:  Five Senses, letter Ff

Wednesday:  Feelings and feeling words, letter Nn

Thursday:  Beginning, Middle, and End, letter Dd

Friday:  Making a book that they will be able to re-tell at home, letter Ii.

I can't wait for another week of learning and working hard!  It's an awesome group of kids and I know we are going to be successful this school year!

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