January 19 - 22

Thank you parents/grandparents/nannies for being so flexible last week.  It's so nice to know all my assessments are finished and I can see the growth that the students are making. 

It was a fun week learning about penguins.  They learned so much in the three days that we talked about penguins.  We also talked about the southern and nothern hempishere and the equator.  Room 101 did such a great job making their penguins, they turned out so cute.  I have enjoyed watching how much their writing has improved.

We are into our habitat unit, which is all about habitats and animals that live around the world.  This week we are starting the week learning about the Arctic and Antarctice. Then they will learn about more animals that live in the tundra.  At the end of the week, they will learn all about the African Savanna.  They will learn to draw several animals that live in the savanna.  In math, we will keep working on measuring.  

On Friday, I will not be doing a live math lesson.  I will put up a video for them to watch and a math activity.  I have to be in Brainerd to coach my daughters hockey team at 1:45pm.  I will do our literacy lesson until 9:45am.  

MANDATORY ACTIVITY: Please have your child do Lexia Core5 and Dreambox throughout the week.  This is part of their Kindergarten curriculum and we use the data from these programs to see the progress the students are making throughout the year.  

BAG PICK-UP:  There is a bag pick-up this week!

Star Student:  When your child is Star Student, they will choose 1 thing from home to share.  PLEASE ONLY  1 OBJECT!  An example might be stuffed animal (they should never be on screen, only for sharing), pet, picture, sibling (if they are not online), or maybe a toy.  After they share, the class will ask questions that they will get to answer.  It is really fun to hear all the questions the Kindergartners ask.


Morning Meeting:  8:00 am.  Google meet code: KL101
8:30 - 9:00  Litearcy time
Just a note: The Literacy lesson will be approximately 30 minutes.  Your child will then have independent work on Seesaw until prep at 10:35
Prep: 10:35 am.  Google Meet code:  (Monday) KENPE (Tues) , KENART (Wed.) , KENMUSIC (Thurs.), KENPE (Friday)
Math 12:30 pm. Google Meet code: KL101
The math lesson will be approximately 30 minutes.  Your child will then have independent work on Seesaw until the closing meeting at 2:00.
Closing Meeting 2:00 pm. Google meet code: KL101 (please note time change)


Ms. Lamberty

http://kenny.mpls.k12.mn.us/uploads/kenny_bees_-_separated_by_areas.pdf      BEES BEHAVIOR CHART!!!

Kindergarten State Standards

Literacy and Math Standards

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