First Full Wee

Room 101 did it!  One week down!  They have been doing great!!  On Monday, we learned all about Bus Safety.  They watched a video about Bus Safety and the danger zone.  Then they made a picture with a bus and the danger zone.  On Tuesday, room 101 learned all about community and neighborhoods.  I read them Frankilin's Neighborhood and they loved that Franklin picked his neighbors as the best part of his neighborhood.  On Wednesday, it was all about the Power of YET!  Seasame Street taught them about how things may be difficult right now, but if they keep working at it, they will get it.  I have them saying, "I can't do it, YET!"  I told the class I don't like it when they say they can't do something.  On Thursday, there was a sub, so I could test all of them in literacy skills.  The sub read them Chameleon's Crazy Colors, then they did a color activity.  In Kindergarten, they come in knowing their colors, but do they know what the words look like?  Room 101 also had their first chance at learning about library time, which we will have every Thursday.  On Friday, we started the morning meeting our NEW fifth grade reading buddies.  It was so much fun pairing them up and seeing the smiles on the fifth graders when they met their Kindergarten friend.  This will go on throughout the year, every Friday.  They read books to each other!  Each day they learned a new letter SOUND! We are behind on our September calendar for letter sounds.  We will be doing Ss on Monday.  In math, they spent the week learning to write the numbers 1 - 7.  

This week, there is lots to do!  On Monday, we will be starting the week learning all about the five senses.  On Tuesday, we will start learning about beginning, middle, and end of stories with character and setting.  They will listen to If You Give a Mouse a Coookie and then they will each draw a picture of their favorite part.  We will then place the picture on a story map.  On Wednesday, they will listen to Rosie's Walk and make a Rosie's Walk book that they can use at home to re-tell the story.  On Thursday, we will re-read Rosie's Walk  and fill out our first Story Map.  On Friday, we will spend the morning talking about feelings and doing a feelings activity.  in math, we will continue working on number writing and learning about numbers.  

Throughout the week, I also bring in the Second Step curriculum, which is our social / emotional curriculum.  They love participating and watching our puppet Impulsive Puppy.  I still have two more characters to introduce in Second Step.  The class is doing a GREAT job of being so sweet to each other and resepcting each other with their words and manners.  

Thank you to those parents that attended Curriculum Night.  

UPCOMING EVENTS:  KENNY FALL FESTIVAL  is Friday, September 20, 5 - 7!  You can get FREE flu shots there!!

Picture Day, October 4, informatio will be sent home soon!

We are going to have a great year!   I will be using Classtag from time to time, too!   If you did not get an email from Classtag, please email me at!


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