Arctic, Antarctic, and Penguins

Our first week back was a success!  They seemed a little tired getting back into the routine, but so was I!  We started our week writing what our New Year's Resolution is for 2020.  I read them the story Squirrel's New Year's Resolution, to explain what a resolution is and give them ideas of what they could use as their New Year's Resolution.  On Tuesday, we started our Snowman unit.  I read them the story Snowman All Year then they went back to their seats and drew and wrote what they would do with their snowman in each season.  On Wednesday, I read them the story The Biggest Snowman Ever for that book they sequenced a snowman melting in the snow.  We talked about how snowmen can't stay with us very long and what happens to them when they are no longer a snowman.  On Thursday, they listened to a book read to them on you tube called The Snowglobe Family then they went back to their seats and drew a picture of themselves playing in the snow.  The picture is in a snowglobe and they wrote what they were doing in the snow.  On Friday, they listened to Frosty the Snowman (the story) and then went to their seats to draw a snowman.  I did a step by step art activity of how to draw a snowman.  Then they used watercolors and painted the snowman.  In math, we started our measuring unit.  They used connecting cubes this week to measure.

This week we start our habitats unit, which is one of my favorite units!!  We are going to start in the colder regions of the world, the top and bottom of our world!  They will compare the animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic, they will learn lots about penguins and make a penguin fact folder, and they will also listen to some fictional penguin stories.  It's a fun time of year for learning in Kindergarten.  In math, we will keep focusing on measuring.  

PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON ALL THEIR WINTER GEAR!!!! Practice putting on their winter gear at home.  

We are going to have a great year!   I will be using Classtag from time to time, too!   Classtag is the easiest way to get a hold of me the fastest.  If you did not get an email from Classtag, please email me at!


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