Last Week of School

We had a great week last week learning all about different artists. On Tuesday, we focused on Pablo Picasso and drew two abstract faces.  They did a great job drawing and adding shapes to the faces to make the art look abstract.  On Wednesday, we learned all about Claude Monet and drew a water lily picture.  They had so much fun painting over their drawing and realizing the paint would not cover their art. The crayon was still visible because of the wax and water.  On Thursday, they focused on Vincent Van Gogh and the sunflower painting.  They did a great job making a vase and then painting beautiful sunflowers!  On Friday, they learned about Georgia O'Keeffe.  We learned about why she paints flowers and how they look different then most artists.  They each then drew a flower up close and painted it with water colors.  In math, we have been doing math packets and reviewing Kindergarten and first grade math.

This week we will be making a summer bucket book.  They will write down things that they want to do and see this summer.  We will be spending most of our day in the media center, which has air conditioning.  Please dress your child for very warm weather.  Bring water bottles filled.  I will have a spray bottle with cold water to spray them when we are in our classroom for the short amount of time we will be in there.  

This will be a year to remember for me and all of room 101!  Thank you for all you did as parents/ guardians!  

LIBRARY BOOKS ARE DO THIS WEEK!!!  I hope the class earns popsicles for all our library books returned.


Ms. Lamberty      BEES BEHAVIOR CHART!!!

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