Kenny Parent Foundation Members


Chair- Janet Bomar,
Vice-Chair - Sarah Walter,
Treasurer- Cara M. Lewandoski,
Secretary- Tracey McIntire,
Diana Brady
Irene Bluemle
Katie Elden
Teri Fisher
Shannon Gunaca
Ally Marshall
Heather Paciotti
Bill Gibbs (Principal)
Kathy Horner (Grade 1)
Karen Peterson (Grade 4)
Susie Friederich (Community Resource Liaison)

MARCH MAGIC is our annual fundraiser hosted by the Kenny School Foundation and will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2020. We host an adult party for parents, staff and community members at a location the March Magic Committee chooses! Invitations will be sent home soon!

March Magic Committee Chairs: Sarah Walters and Katie Elden