The School and Home

The School and Home: Working together to promote effort-based
education that will help your child and all other students at Kenny
Community School get smarter!


Researchers like Lauren Resnick believe that intelligence is learnable if the environment that we live in helps us to develop smart beliefs and habits; coaches us in problem solving skills and praises us for using them while at the same time holding us accountable for making wise choices.

For years you have heard that you are your child’s first and most influential teacher. Just think of how far we could go- working together! Here are some of the things that we hope you will make time to do at home:

  • Come to school events and conferences. Volunteer! Research shows that the more time you spend at school the smarter your child will become.
  • Tell the school about your child-your hopes, your dreams for their future. We need to know what your suggestions, concerns and questions are. Your cooperation and assistance are the glue that holds what we do here together.
  • Establish a place to do homework and supervise getting it done. If you hear that nothing has been assigned, you always know that reading for thirty minutes is a top priority. Model reading and learning for your child. Children do what they see their parents do.
  • Limit TV, videos and games. Bring them out for special occasions and enjoy them as a family; better yet, get outdoors. Explore a creek, or go fishing. Build exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine!

Your child only goes through school once, be an active advocate. Ask questions and call if you are concerned, confused or unhappy. Working together-the sky’s the limit both for Kenny School and for your child!