Supplemental Services
Kenny Social Work Program
The School Social Worker at Kenny meets with students, teachers, and parents when there are social or emotional concerns in the life of a student. Some of these situations are family change, grief or loss, peer relationships, life transitions, underachievement, and general behavioral concerns. The School Social Worker serves students individually and in peer groups on a short-term basis and is available to meet with parents
whenever a concern arises. The School Social Worker also acts as a liaison between families, community agencies, and the school to facilitate the delivery of positive and appropriate services to individual students.

Special Education
Special Education services are available to any student who is eligible for and needs special support. Children who receive special education services have signifcant academic, behavioral, or speech and language needs. Teachers and parents may refer children for assessment and problem solving with special education resource staff. The amount and kind of service is determined by the needs of the individual student. Visit the Minneapolis Public Schools District Website for more infromation.

Speech / Language Specialist
Two Speech/language Specialist are assigned to our school. These specialists work with children who have specific speech or language problems.