Site-Based Council Members
school site council image

The Site Council is a group of staff and parents who work on issues related to governing the affairs of the school, including budgets, policies, curriculum.  This is the planning arm of the school and works very closely with the principal and the School Improvement Plan, which is issued by the district.

Site- Council Members:

Staff Representatives:

  • Bill Gibbs, Co-Chair, (staff)
  • Megan Hardesty (K/1)
  • Colleen Schinneer (2/3)
  • Bruce Iverson (4/5)
  • Beth Richards (Special Ed)
  • Shari Wiggins (ESP)
  • Susie Friederich (Community Resource Liaison)

 Parent Representatives

  • Site Council Chair: Stephen Manuszak,
  • Site Council Secretary: Nate Melcher,
  • Shannon Gunaca, Kenny Parent Foundation Chair,
  • Kathy Cook, Kenny Parent Foundation Co-Chair
  • Sarah Walters, Kenny Parent Foundation Treasurer
  • Tracey McIntire, Kenny Parent Foundation Secretary
  • Kelly Suzan