Physical Education

All students have one or two physical education classes with the Phy. Ed teacher each week. Physical education emphasizes lifelong skills and healthy attitudes toward personal fitness. Students are taught a series of units encompassing games, dance, movement, and sports.

Jennifer Johnson or (612) 668-8804

Kenny Kangaroos
As a part of the physical education program at Kenny, all students participate in Rope Power (2 week rope jumping

unit). The 3rd through 5th graders spend two weeks trying to accomplish 18-30 jumps, dependent on their grade level. Those who are successful become a Kenny Kangaroo. We even have occasional 2nd graders make it! In late March our Kangaroos perform a coordinated routine at Kenny and at Washburn High School with many other Minneapolis schools. We perform the ever popular, consective double under contest.

We would love for you to see the talent we have in our physical education program. Rope Power is just one of our favorite units. We are working hard to achieve a lifetime of healthy, positive, and motivating skills

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