Kindergarten at Kenny

Kindergarten Philosophy Statement

The goal of kindergarten is to provide a warm and welcoming learning environment for all children, regardless of their level of development. The learning environment at Kenny is designed to help all students achieve the Minneapolis Public Schools' expectations in reading, mathematics, writing as well as develop physically, socially, and emotionally.

Using best practices, kindergarten teachers:

  • Integrate new learning with past experiences through special activities
  • Involve children in hands-on experiences and interaction with other children and adults
  • Emphasize language development and appropriate preliteracy experiences
  • Offer a balance of small group, large group, and individual activities
  • Develop children's social skills, including conflict resolution strategies
  • Assess children's progress through teacher observation and looking at student work
  • Work with parents to share information about their children, build understanding of parent and teacher roles, emphasize kindergarten expectations in school and at home and set the stage for later parent-teacher partnerships.

Kindergarten is an integral part of the elementary school experience. It builds on the child's past experience at home, in preschool programs, and provides the foundations for success in the Minneapolis Public Schools throughout their education experience.

Kindergarten Teachers


Feel free to call us about Kindergarten at Kenny! Our teachers are available to answer your questions:


Marni (Orthey) Lamberty


LuAnn Mishler


Anna Williams