Curriculum and Standards


The units we will be working on this year are; Energy and Matter, The Physics of Sound, Sun and Moon, and Living Systems,  We will do an engineering unit with model membranes.


We will be using the Good Habits, Great Readers series this year.  Students will be working in whole class instruction and leveled reading groups. Students will be responsible for doing weekly reading responses in their reading journals and keeping a reading log.  While we will be reading everyday in class, we encourage students to read at least 20 minutes every night.  Students will also be doing a monthly book report, the genre will be assigned at the beginning of the month.   The report will be due the last day of school for that month.  The genres for book reports are listed below.

September - Fiction               October - Mystery                   November - Nonfiction                December - Short Stories            January - Biography

February - Poetry                   March - Legend                      April - Humor                                 May - Science Fiction


We will be using the Investigations math series this year.  Students will have a practice sheet just about every night and a weekly math review due on Fridays.

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