Artful Thinking and Creating-In the Classroom and Beyond
Collage Inspired by George Morrison-Native American Artist, MN
Collage Inspired by George Morrison-Native American Artist, MN

The Kenny Elementary Visual Arts program provides students with the foundation to begin their arts learning.  At the elementary level students begin to experiment with a variety of art materials, processes, and media.  Creative expression and hands-on experience is at the heart of their instruction.  Students will have the opportunity to integrate art with other areas of the curriculum helping to facilitate a greater understanding of the important role that art plays across content areas, cultures and in peoples's daily lives.  The art curriculum is sequential and comprehensive developing healthy minds and spirits of students.  It is aligned with the Minnesota Visual Arts Standards, focusing instruction on what we know to be good teaching and learning.

"My goal is to build a dynamic art learning environment that engages students, promotes deep understanding, imparts joy, nourishing a lifetime of artistic inquiry.”

Mrs. McGovern, Art Teacher
Kenny School

Minneapolis Public Schools Mission

We exist to ensure that all students learn. 

We support their growth into knowledgeable, skilled and confident citizens capable of succeeding in their work, personal and family lives into the 21st century.


Every child college and career ready.


  1. Right to a quality education 
  2. Importance of family 
  3. Equity 
  4. Diversity 
  5. Respect for employees 
  6. Partnership for youth 
  7. Transparency and accountability 
  8. Sustainability

Our Promise

Minneapolis Public Schools promises an inspirational education experience in a safe, welcoming environment for all diverse learners to acquire the tools and skills necessary to confidently engage in the global community.


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