Kenny is Thriving!

Welcome to Kenny School!

Kenny has a beautiful campus, wonderful children, and an amazing staff. The staff and families have installed and maintain incredible water and perennial gardens. The district has just completed painting the classrooms using colors chosen by Kenny parents who are interior designers, and every classroom now has a ceiling mounted LCD projector and document camera. Three classrooms have interactive white boards permanently installed, and we have one on a cart. The district has shown its commitment to our site, and we look forward to growing our program.

These 6 core values will guide our work at Kenny:

  1. Safety, Security and Order
  2. Belief System – Effort Based Education
  3. Customer Excellence & Relationship Building
  4. Ongoing Applied Professional Development and Assessment of Instruction
  5. Technology Integration
  6. Family Involvement

 “Effort –orientated education promises to each student, regardless of the kind of measured ability he or she may show on the onset-as much instruction, of the highest quality, as he or she needs to meet a set of achievement standards that will not be compromised.” Daedalus

Focus areas:

  • Implement high quality peer coaching and frequent observation of instruction using a standards based rubric
  • Weekly professional development at the site
  • Implementation of the Principles of Learning
  • Create a school culture that supports the achievement of all students
  • Develop and implement the school-wide behavior, safety and emergency plan
  • Accelerate the implementation of a balanced literacy program (readers’ and writers’ workshop)
  • Implement the new math Investigations curriculum with fidelity
  • Review and teach grade level science standards
  • Incorporate technology into instruction  

It is going to be an amazing year. Please, visit early and visit often. And don’t forget to bring your friends with you.

Bill Gibbs
Kenny School Principal