Kindergarten Curriculum (CLICK)

Reading.  Kenny kindergarten teachers use the Benchmark to teach letter sounds throughout the year. The Kindergartners will learn ALL of their letter sounds by the end of the second month.  


Theme lessons and activities focus on these instructional goals: Oral Language (rhymes, chants, motion songs); Phonemic Awareness; Letter Recognition; Concepts of Print; Reading; Comprehension; and Writing and Language.


Mathematics.  The Investigations series is used to teach mathematics at Kenny. Kindergarteners receive an introduction to these concepts and


·         Exploring Data and Chance

·         Geometry and Spatial Sense 

·         Numeration and Order

·         Operations

·         Patterns, Functions, and Sequences

·         Time  (Reference Frame Strand)

·         Measures and Measurement

·         Money (Measures and Measurement Strand)

·         Counting (Numeration and Order Strand)


Science.  Kindergarteners at Kenny will use FOSS (Full Option Science System) materials in the classroom. The Minneapolis school district requires two or more units of Science. Kenny teachers also do additional units on seeds and plants in each spring. Kenny Kindergarten Science units include: Trees (taught throughout the year); Paper, Fabric, or Wood; Seeds and Plants; and Animals.


Social/Emotional Behavior.  We use the Second Step curriculum.  Activities in the kindergarten classroom enable students to develop awareness and acceptance of self and of people different from self. Through the Responsive Classroom, students are encouraged to interact positively and build relationships with others, to share and play cooperatively with adult support, to separate successfully from parent or caregiver, and to participate in both group and self-directed activities.