Kindergarten Classroom (CLICK)

Daily Schedule

Full Day Session: 8:05 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.


Students begin their day in a circle with their Morning Meeting. After sharing time, students complete the calendar, explore math and language through our excellent curriculum and supplementary activities. Students spend about an hour each day with one of our Specialist Teachers. Full-day students have a 20 minute lunch period, followed by 20 minutes of recess. Students also spend a portion of their day exploring the world through science and social studies activities.


Specialist Schedule (example):

A, B, and C days vary for each classroom. (See our individual websites.)


 Field Trips

Students also participate in 2 - 3 field trips and 3 - 4 school assemblies throughout the year. 

Star Student

Each day of the month, a different child is assigned to be Special Helper in the classroom. This role allows students an opportunity to participate as leaders.  They may not be a Star Student every month because of how many days there are in each month.  When they are Star Student they can bring ONE thing to share with the class (toy, book, picture, or something special from home).  


Student of the Month

Kindergarteners are included in the Student of the Month program. Parents are invited to a special ceremony and reception to celebrate this honor with their child.