At 5th grade, your child will begin to undergo many physical, social and emotional changes. Here's what to expect at this stage in their life.


Ten and Eleven Year Olds

    Overall this is the “golden end” of childhood. They relax in their childhood, gathering strength for impending adolescents.

    Easily share knowledge, work well in groups. They are actively receptive learners of  factual information. Boys and girls generally work well together.

    Memories allow them to play board games and games of strategy.

    Love group games, enjoy cooperative activities and competitive games.


Ten and Eleven Year Olds: Growth Patterns - Physical 

    Large muscle development

    Needs outdoor time and physical challenge

    Handwriting often sloppier than at nine

    Snacks and rest periods helpful for growing bodies


Ten and Eleven Year olds: Growth Patterns - Social

    Fairness issues peak and can be solved!

    Quick to anger – quick to forgive

    Generally content

    Works well in groups

    Enjoys both family and peers

    Likes clubs, sports, and activities

    Usually truthful; developing more mature sense of right and wrong, good at   solving social issues


Ten  and Eleven Year Olds: Growth Patterns - Language 

    Good listeners, actively receptive

    Voracious readers

    Expressive, talkative, like to explain

    Cooperative and competitive

    Friendly, generally happy


Ten and Eleven Year Olds: Growth Patterns - Cognitive

    Memorizations productive

    Increased ability to abstract

    Likes rules and logic

    Classification and collections of interest; likes to organize

    Able to concentrate, read for extended periods

    Good problem solvers

    Proud of Academic products


Source: Yardsticks by Wood, Chip