New or Enhanced Initiatives for 2016-17


The Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Twice each year, Barnes & Noble hosts a book fair for Kenny Elementary. Proceeds from this initiative have historically gone to the Kenny Media Center, with some funds being used to support the former RIF book give-away. This year, the Kenny PTA will use proceeds from the Book Fair to fund the book give-away, ensuring that each Kenny student receives a free book.


 Eagle Bluff

After a short hiatus, the Eagle Bluff trip for 4th and 5th graders is planned for February 2017. The expected cost for each student is $120.00. More about the trip is on the Kenny website.

To underwrite expenses for this trip, the Kenny PTA has set aside funds to cover the cost of transportation, but more is needed to ensure that each Kenny student who wants to take part in this opportunity can do so. Funds raised from the October 5 Davanni’s night will go toward Eagle Bluff scholarships. In addition, the Kenny PTA will partner with several area restaurants and retailers to host ongoing Cooks’s Nights Off throughout the year (learn more, below). Kenny parents can also make donations directly to the Kenny PTA to help fund this valuable experience.


 Cooks’ Nights Off

For many years, the Kenny PTA has partnered with area restaurants to provide quarterly events that bring the Kenny community together and raise money for PTA initiatives. In 2016-17, the PTA will partner with several area restaurants to program monthly events.


 Parent Education

A highlight of Kenny PTA meetings has been the opportunity for parents to hear from a variety of speakers on topics important to them. Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, the Kenny PTA will be soliciting topics and speakers from the Kenny community itself to be part of an ongoing series “How do I talk to my kid about…?” Topics for discussion may include:

  •  How do I talk to my kid about safety?
  • How do I talk to my kid about respecting people of different faiths?
  • How do I talk to my kid about bullying?
  • How do I talk to my kid about anxiety?
  • How do I talk to my kid about gender equity?

The Kenny community will be invited to provide ideas for topics and speakers. While our goal is to secure speakers at no charge, the Kenny PTA does have funds available to offset some expenses speakers may incur.


Promotion and Communication

The key to achieving our goals is open communication with the Kenny community, and increased attendance at PTA meetings. This will ensure parents, staff and teachers are well-informed, and that we have the appropriate level of input and support for initiatives.


 The Kenny Newsletter

Reformat the Kenny Newsletter to give greater attention to high-priority initiatives.

  • Include a table of contents (hyperlinked) to provide improved navigation
  • Lead story will be dedicated to a key initiative
  • Move the Letter from the Principal to the end of the newsletter…unless he has a key initiative to discuss.
  • Change to a two-column format to enable easier scanning of information
  • Eliminate drop-off page and include link to this information on the website.
  • Reduce contact information to a footer.


Email Communication

Create a parent mailing list from information submitted for the Student Directory with an opt-out option to ensure Kenny parents are receiving critical communications from the PTA. The list will not be shared with other entities. Emails will be sent monthly, unless the PTA or other event chairs require a more time-sensitive communication.


 The Kenny PTA Website

 The PTA page on the Kenny site will be updated with news and events more frequently, and will include links to known social media pages.