This past week we had a lot going on with the fundraiser and learning all about bats.  THANK YOU SSSOO MUCH ROOM 101 for getting all the pledges.  We are tied for third place right now for most pledges.  If you still think you might be able to get pledges, please contact friends and family, we have until the end of this week.  On Monday, they started the week listening to a non-fiction bat book. Then as a class, we made our own bat fact books.  We started our district reading currliculum this week, so we focused on characters and listening to the story The Tortoise and the Hare.  We compared and talked about each of the characters.  On Tuesday, we watched a video on bat facts.  Then they finished their bat books and wrote in their new shared reading books (curriculum activity).  It has been so much fun watching how fast they are learning how to use inventive spelling.  We talked more about characters.  On Wednesday, we had a student teacher from fifth grade visit us and read Stellaluna to the class.  It is my favorite fictional bat story.  Then we did a Venn Diagram comparing birds and bats.  We went over what Venn Diagrams are and why we use them in school.  On Thursday, we had computer lab and library, which makes our mornings go really fast.  On Friday, we started the morning in fifth grade with our reading buddies, which is a HIGHLIGHT for every child and teacher that participates!  I hope your child has talked about their reading buddy with you!!!  When we got back to class with listening to the story The Tortoise and the Hare again and then wrote who our favorite character was and why!  In math,  Ms. Rieck taught the whole week on 2-D shapes.  It was her first full-week teaching one subject and she did awesome!  Friday afternoon at our FUN RUN went really well!!  All of room 101 ran their hearts out and ran all of their 35 laps.  I was so proud of them for working so hard.  I am sure they were very tired Friday night, I was very tired.  

This week we only have two days.  We will be focusing on pumpkins.  On Monday, we will listen to a non-fiction pumpkin book and then do the life-cycle of a pumpkin.  On Tuesday, I will read them a fictional pumpkin story and they will do a story map.  We will touch upon characters in the story.  In math, we will do pattern block shape pictures.  A reminder was sent home for the families who have conferences on Tuesday.  Tomorrow we will send home the Wednesday conference reminder.  Thank you to those parents I already met with on Thursday night! 

Now that it has actually snowed, please make sure your child's name is in everything they wear (hats, mittens, snowpants, and jackets).  It is so much easier for your child to get it back, if his/her name is on the clothing.  If you can put string on the mittens/gloves, it helps a TON to not loose them.  Also, your child will have to know how to get on all of their winter gear on their own.  


Ms. Lamberty

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