Spring and Life-Cycle of a Robin

We had a great week in room 101!  It's such a great group of kids!  On Monday, we started with a book about spring, When Will It Be Spring?.  They each colored a picture of themselves and put mud all over it (brown paint) to go with the poem we read together.  Then we made a Spring Book to bring home and read.  On Tuesday, we learned about Frogs and made a frog book with facts.  Then we put frog pictures in order of the life-cycle in their science journal.  On Wednesday, we compared frogs and toads and did a Venn Diagram.  On Thursday, we learned about caterpillars and butterflies.  Then the class made a fact book about butterflies.  On Friday, they each painted and labeled the life-cycle of a butterfly.  They should have brought those home on Friday.  In math, we have been working with numbers and learning to add and subtract.  They are getting really good at adding and subtracting!

This week we will be learning all about birds and still talking about spring.  On Monday, we will have Sinfonia come and visit us at Kenny School.  Every year they bring their orchestra and we start the morning meeting one of the musicians!  Then we spend about 30 minutes in the gym listening to the orchestra play!  It's a fun morning.  Here is their website for more information about them, http://www.mnsinfonia.org.   On Tuesday, we will be learning all about the life-cycle of robins (birds) and making a robin with robin eggs.  Then they will be writing about spring.  On Wednesday, we will be listening to some athletes from the U of M read to our class.  On Thursday, we will be learning all about birds and making a bird book.  In math, we will finish our number sense unit.  

Keep reading at home, it is very important you read with your child, so you know they are understanding the story.  

Upcoming Events:   Spring Break March 31 - April 7

http://kenny.mpls.k12.mn.us/uploads/kenny_bees_-_separated_by_areas.pdf      BEES BEHAVIOR CHART!!!

Ms. Lamberty