The Body and Nutrition

The weeks are flying by!  We worked REALLY hard last week learning all about the body.  On Monday, we started the week learning about the skeletal system.  They made their own Mr./Ms. Bones with the major bones of the body.  We talked about the importance of our skeletal system!  On Tuesday, we did an overview of the body and what's inside.  Then they all worked on a book using new vocabulary words that they learned.  They had so much fun learning facts and making their own book.  On Wednesday, we started the morning learning about the Nervous System and then they started making their bodies.  On Thursday, they learned about the Digestive system and worked some more on their bodies.  On Friday, we started the morning with reading buddies.  Then we went back to our room and learned about the Cardiovascular System.  We ended up having to go into math time to finish our bodies.  They bodies are still not finished.  We will be finishing the labeling on Monday.  In math, we are still working on number sense and story problems.  

This week we will start the week reviewing the body.  Then we will get into our nutrition unit.  They will learn about My Plate, which is now the same equivalent at the food pyramid.   We will talk about each part of the plate and they will sort foods to go into the right category.  On Wednesday, we will talk about germs.  We talk about this everyday, but we will really look at why we need to be careful with yukky germs.  On Thursday, we will do a writing activity which will be about a small moment in their life.  We are starting to learn to write stories with beginning, middle, and end. We will also be talking about differences in people.  It is National Down Syndrome day and I want to talk to the students about how many children learn in different ways and may have their own special look to them.  HAVE YOUR CHILD WEAR MIS-MATCH SOCKS THAT DAY!! On Friday, we will have reading buddies and do a story map with the book A Mother for Choco.  This book is about how Choco's family is different then most families.  In math, we will keep working on Number Sense.  They are really getting good at making addition and subtraction problems and solving them.  

It has been very wet on the playground lately with the snow melting.  PLEASE put a pair of dry socks in your child's backpack!  Also, please keep sending boots and snowpants.  


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