Deers and Celebrations

Last week, on Monday, they listened to The Gingerbread Girls Goes Animal Crackers, then they wrote about their favorite Gingerbread story from the past week.  It was fun to see the variety of choices the students made and why they chose a certain story.  On Tuesday, they listened to Memoirs of an Elf, which was fun story about an Elf, the night before Christmas.  They all filled out an Elf application, pretending that they want to be Santa's elf.  Some of them thought I was actually going to give the applicaiton to Santa.  Then we discussed that Santa doesn't go to everyone's house.  We have talked about that not everyone celebrates the same holiday in the winter and some of our friends in Room 101 do not celebrate any holidays.  On Wednesday, we went further with the discussion of winter celebrations.  Then we made a book about what our family does during the winter season.  It's always fun to hear stories about traditions that different families have each winter.  On Thursday, they watched a video on Winter Celebrations around the world.  Then we had computer lab and library.  On Friday, they started the morning listening to If you Take a Mouse to the Movies, then we went to reading buddies.  At reading buddies, they wrote a story about If you give a reindeer a rootbeer...  It was fun to see the fifth graders helping the Kindergartners think of things to write.  In math, we are still working on number sense.  They have gotten really good with adding and now they are picking up how to subtract.  

This week will be very busy with break coming up.  On Monday, they will learn all about deer and caribou and write facts about them.  On Tuesday, they will listen to Santa is Stuck in the Chimney and write how Santa got out.  ON Wednesday morning at 9:00, we will be in the lunchroom building gingerbread houses.  On Thursday, they will listen to  Animal Santa by their favorite author Jan Bret.  On Friday morning, we have a tradition, we bring all the Kindergartners together to have a movie morning.  We will be watching The Peanut movie from 2015, it's rated G.  We will be saying our good-byes to Ms. Rieck on Friday.  Every student made a good-bye card for her on Friday, when she wasn't there.  Ms. Rieck graduated on Saturday with her class.  She has no plans, but to maybe sub the second half of the school year.  In math, this week, we will be learning more aobut number sense and making our January calendar!  

I will be copying homework for over break.  I highly recommend your child does portions of it.  It is not mandatory, but will give your child some work, so they don't loose everything that they have already learned.  Make sure you read with them every night.  

Reminder:  book baggies do Friday or Monday and library books due on Thursdays.  


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