JOIN US Saturday, March 4, 2017!

March Magic is a themed fundraiser in support of Kenny students, teachers, staff, and of the school itself. The event is hosted by the Kenny Foundation and is sponsered by Kenny parents and local businesses. We host parents, staff and neighbors for food, drink, raffle drawings, live music and dancing! Last year, through the hard work of parent volunteers and businesses, our event raised over $20,000 for the Kenny Foundation.

The Kenny Foundation contributes to numerous school projects. The funds we raise at our March Magic event contribute significantly to the success of the students. In the past five years, the Kenny Foundation has contributed funs and time to the following school improvement projects:

  • Art Room: Supplies, drying rack, storage shelves
  • Phys. Ed: Stereo system
  • Parent Education Speaker Series
  • Tower Gardens
  • Woot Math for 5th grade, an innovative learning methodology
  • Story Works magazines for 4th grade
  • Teacher's lounge makeover
  • Percussion instrumets and ukuleles
  • Hallway and front foyer remodeling and upgrade
  • Media Center upgrades
  • Leveled reading books for classrooms
  • Lego League 
  • Band program
  • Spring music program

For more information, contact the event chairs:

2017 March Magic Contribution Form

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