Joe McLean


Joe McLean:

Kenny Neighborhood is home since 1998, when Colleen and I got married. Our kids are Charlie, Brenna and Molly. We have two dogs, four hens, one hamster and one beta fish. I worked in IT distribution for ten years and traveled all over the U.S. In 2010

I became a stay at home dad. Molly started 4th grade at Kenny this year. She pointed to an article in the Kenny Newsletter and shouted, "Dad, you should do this!".  It described Minnesota Reading Corps (MRC).  I applied and here I am! Kenny students, teachers and staff are the best!  They help me feel right at home.

Three fun facts:

1) I was the 1975 St. Paul Parks & Rec Bowling Champion for 5th graders.

2) In 1982, on a plane from Denver to Minneapolis, I sat next to Orville Redenbacher, the Popcorn King.

3)  I spent nearly a year of my life under water!