Welcome to 106's webpage!
Singin' in the Media Center

We are having a great year!  The second graders in 106 are learning, growing, and having a whole lot of fun! I hope this website will be helpful and maybe a little easier than shuffling through all the paper that gets home in your child's backpack. As always, contact me any time you have any a question or concern. Have your child try some of the links in the fun for kids or math section.

I am honored to be your child's teacher!
Life is good! Enjoy!

Laurie Hanzal :)

Here are my contacts:

Email is always the best...


612-743-6965 (cell) ---BEST PLACE TO TALK TO ME!!! (evenings and weekends)
612-668-3340 (school office) - If you need to get a message to your child during the day.

612-668-8442 (voice mail) - I rarely get to this, sorry!

The 106 pledge

Click above to see the pledge that your child has helped make for this year!