Volunteering at Kenny School
There are volunteer opportunities for everyone!  And, there's a volunteer spot whether you have one hour a week or one hour a month. Looking for ideas about how to volunteer? Click here for a list of our board members.  Click here for a list of the committees our volunteers lead.  You can also contact your classroom teacher directly about opportunities to help in the classroom. 
Email us or call us with your questions, requests or needs. We’re here to help!
Susie Friederich, Community Resource Liaison (612) 668-3365 or susan.friederich@mpls.k12.mn.us
District requirements state that all volunteers must watch an orientation video in order to volunteer.  This video is available online at:
Also, if you are solely responsible for a student (without a teacher or staff present,) a criminal background check is required.  Please note this form is posted below.