Unit I, Line
First grade discovers Line Quality as they learn about the artist Mondrian


The Kenny Elementary Visual Arts program provides students with the foundation to begin their arts learning.  At the elementary level students begin to experiment with a variety of art materials, processes, and media.  Creative expression and hands-on experience is at the heart of their instruction.  Students will have the opportunity to integrate art with other areas of the curriculum helping to facilitate a greater understanding of the important role that art plays across content areas and in our daily lives.  The art curriculum is sequential and comprehensive developing healthy minds and spirits of students.  It is aligned with the Minnesota Visual Arts Standards, focusing instruction on what we know to be good teaching and learning.
Minneapolis Arts Education Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure equity of access to quality arts education for every MPS student every day. Through the arts, students will achieve academic success by mastering artistic foundations and making meaning as creators, performers, and responders.
We are committed to:
                Supporting and advocating for excellence in arts education.
                Closing the achievement gap by building interdisciplinary relationships between the arts and academics. 
                Enriching learning in partnership with the greater arts community.
                Empowering students to take ownership of their artistic identity.
Art Gallery
Line First Grade
Units 1 and 2, Line/Shape and Color

At the beginning of the school year students are introduced/reacquainted with two of the basic Elements of Art—Line and Color. Line (contour and gesture, thick, thin, curved, vertical and horizontal…) and Color qualities (warm, cool, value...) are analyzed. Different artist tools and materials used in creating unique line/color drawings, paintings and sculptures to convey movement and mood are discussed. After discussion, studio creations begin--- applying our understanding our knowledge of line and color!   

K-5 Lessons highlight artists such as Mondrian, Kandinsky and Stella.